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Written by Rohit dani

So guys if you are looking for how to rank on the first page of google then you are at the right place to get the Idea on how you can easily rank on the first page of google, so today in this article you will get the best methods on how to rank the website on google first page.

We all have blogs, some of the bloggers making money online with their blog few of the other guys using it for sharing their ideas and thoughts rather than making money.

How much you are earning monthly from your blog? Is it enough for you? Whether you promote your blog or not? These questions must be answered if you did not answer it before. You can make more money online by proper marketing tactics and promote your blog in the blogosphere. Today I am talking about the SEO part of your blog, most of the blogger will not get successful on this unless they approach some SEO companies. Why you need SEO companies if you can promote your blog for free.[ctt template=”9″ link=”82WV7″ via=”yes” ]how to rank website on google first page #first #page of #Google #search #results #rankwebsiteongoogle #Firstpageofgoogle[/ctt]

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Just check out some of the SEO optimization tips for your blog.

Find your Niche

The first this you need to do is to find out the proper keyword for your blog. You can use the keyword research tools available for free. With proper keyword, you can make your blog pages into Google top-10 positions. Check out the keyword trends on Google to change your strategy according to the User’s search trend.

Search engine optimization

It is the most time consuming and important step towards your online business success. There are dozens of factors that come into the search engine robot’s mind while it crawls your site. Here comes free search engine optimization software’s, search engine optimization software analyzes your pages and it will give the proper optimization tips for your blog. Change or correct the mistakes that the optimization software pointed out on your blog. Very useful for rank the website on google first page.

web ceo

You can download a free tool from

Make sure you have basic knowledge on some of the important names- Google there to help you always.

  • Meta tags
  • HTML Titles
  • Web page headings
  • ALT text
  • Html comments
  • How to edit Robots.txt
  • Generates sitemaps
  • Next step is to promote your blog

You can promote your site in many ways, some of them I point out here.

1. Submit your site to search engines:

Make sure you are submitting to the top search engines 60% of the market share with Google 35% with yahoo all others make only 5%. Free search engine submitting software available just make use of it if you want to save your time. I prefer Manual submission to the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

due to this, you will see your ranking on the first page of google.

2. Submit to RSS directories

Still, the RSS directories work for you. You can submit a blog or your feed to RSS directories. If you are having an RSS feed just burn your feed with feed burner (the market leader) and submit to top RSS directories.

3. Talk about your blog with your friends and colleagues

If your blog is some brand new it is good to try with give some offline promotion methods. Speak about it add you blog address on your business card, e-mail signatures.

4. Get too many backlinks as you can

Backlinks are the building blocks of your page rank. Higher the pages rank the higher the blog value.

Always you should make a Dofollow backlink of your websites, i.e

        <a href=”Enter your article Link “>Enter Keyword of your post</a>

For example :—>

<a href=””>Android Apps For Pest Control Professionals</a>

              <a href=”Enter your article Link “>Enter Keyword of your post</a>

5. Make a blog roll of the same niche on your blog – link building

Put one blog roll of the same niche blog on your blog home page this will get reciprocal link towards your blog with your targeted keyword.

6. Submit to all social media sites like facebook, twitter, etc.

Social media become the number one hub for traffic generation now, because of the popularity they already got.

7. PPC campaigns

Participating in PPC campaigns also help you to make more traffic to your blog.

You promoted your website now things are not over just go back to work again.due to this you can rank the website on google first page.

Analyze your blog

Analyzing your site or blog is so important. The analysis report will help you to take corrective measures and planning new marketing strategies to your blog. You can check the page rank improvements; it will tell how much you succeed in your site promotion. Check out the link popularity for your blog; the more the link pointed from other blogs or website means the more popular your blog.

Web traffic analysis

Check out the traffic trends on your blog; analyze the behavior of your visitors. Get full reports including traffic summary, navigation paths, and popular pages. You can use Google Analytics for free on your blog or web. Signup for Google Analytics here.

Maintain your blog

The important part of staying at the front page on Google results for your targeted keyword. Post unique content to your blog on a daily basis. Update your blog sitemap if your content is changing regularly. Good housekeeping will make your stay on the top on Google for years.

Check for broken links on your blog

We can say it as a blog auditing, checkout any broken link on your blog. If something is broken please re-link to the new one. Broken links seriously damage your website credibility.

Monitor your blog closely

It will give you the details statistics of your blog. Check for the detailed report on following.

  • Connection time
  • DNS resolve time
  • Download time
  • Download speed
  • Timeout
  • Time on error
  • Uptime

So, guys, this was the method to rank the website on google first page. so if you have any questions please let me know.

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