PUBG Mobile Lite launched in India Finally!… Know The Features Of it!!

PUBG Mobile Lite launches in India, will work on smartphones with less than 2GB RAM
Written by Rohit dani

New Delhi, Tech Desk Light and fast variants of PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile Lite has been available from today to play and play from the Google Play Store in the Indian market. Considering the popularity of PUBG Mobile, developers have made it compatible with more devices. The goal behind it was to play it anywhere, anytime and on any device. Developers have launched its optimized version for low-end smartphone devices. This game can now be experienced on low-RAM devices.[ctt template=”9″ link=”MxT6d” via=”no” ]PUBG Mobile Lite launched in India Finally!… Know The Features Of it!! #PUBG Mobile Lite #PUBG Mobile #PUBG Mobile Lite launched in India Finally[/ctt]

PUBG Mobile Lite launched in India, will work on smartphones with less than 2GB RAM

PUBG Mobile Lite – Will work on smartphones with less than 2GB RAM:

This version of PUBG made with Unreal Engine 4 will run low-end smartphones. There will be no effect due to its Lite version on its Gaming Experience. A small map has been made available for 60 Players in PUBG Mobile Lite. This will speed the game fast. This game will last for 10 minutes due to the traditional PUBG style. Its installation pack is 400MB.

It is made for smartphones with less than 2GB of RAM. Lite version will run smoothly for all players. It has been kept in mind that half of the smartphone users in India use entry-level smartphones, the Lite version specifications are made keeping in mind this. The new players who join this game will get many rewards in the form of new gears and vehicles.

Main features of PUBG Mobile Lite:

Better Aim Assist:

AIM Assist has been improved to make games easier in the Wii network while giving Experience of PUBG Mobile only. This will make gaming easy and control will be easier when standing and crawling.

Upgrade to Winner Pass:

Winner Pass has replaced the Royal Pass. It will unlock achievement faster and offers rewards on the offer.

Bullet trail adjustment:

PUBG Mobile Lite will get increased bullet speed. There will also be no bullet drop effect for a clear shot. It is designed specifically for areas with vulnerable networks.

Weapon Reconal Suppression:

This particular work has been done for weak network areas. In this, the recurrence of weapons is suppressed from many mechanisms to many extents. There are better game control and gaming experience. Different guns have different gun pressure effects. This gives different gaming experiences with every weapon.

More time to kill:

Time to Kill has been extended in this update. That means you will get extra time to kill the enemy.

Location display:

The mini-map range will show the shooter on the map. This will increase the speed of the battle and the battle will be easy.

Do yourself by moving right OK:

Now players will be able to fix themselves while still moving in the game. This will be very useful when the battle will be severe and you may be hurt if you stop. This will increase the speed of the game and the likelihood of survival will also increase.

You will be able to create an area:

due to the small maps, the frequency of robbery will increase i.e. due to the small map, the players will plunder repeatedly to collect Weapon and other necessities. This will also increase the battle quickly.

Map Quality Optimization:

The game also has optimized map quality and parachute loading screen.

RPG and new firearm:

Plots with PUBG Mobile Lite version will be able to use new weapons in some game modes. This will give you a chance to do new attacks and defense plans.

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