12 places to get free music for iTunes and iPhone 2019

How to getting free music for iPhone and iTunes 2019
Written by Rohit dani

There is only one thing better than finding your new favorite band. Packing your iPhone and iTunes packed their music legally and for free.

Getting free music on the Internet is easier than at least Nippster’s debut since 1999. Acquiring this music in ways that did not deprive artists of paying for their work. Fortunately, over the past few years, tons of websites and apps offering full-fledged websites have ensured that we’re not out of the way with new songs.

12 places to get free music for iTunes and iPhone

The sites and apps listed below are far from the only places to get free MP3s, but they have a lot of free music that you’ll never hear of anything else to offer.


There is a section for free downloads hidden in Amazon’s major online music store. The online retailer is not easy to find, but you will find one million songs that will be installed. There is no mix of big names and names, but you do find something you like. Check out the Amazon section for free songs and free albums

2.Apple Music:

Apple’s music service is built in the right music app that is already installed on every phone (Apple is also part of music iTunes). It’s not always free – you eventually have to subscribe for at least US $ 9.99 / month but the initial 90 days free trial allows you to download an unlimited number of songs to listen to offline and offline. See: If you do not subscribe, you will lose downloads. How to Sign Up for Apple Music


Hip Hop fans know the importance of a good mixtape and DatPiff is your source for a mix of big-name rappers and top tops and rooms. You can stream almost everything on the site, but just some mixtures are free. Visit DatPiff

4.Free Music Archives:

This huge collection of free music is presented by WFMU, one of the main free radio stations in the United States. This music has been invited to the project through WFMU or other curators and has been cleared for use by musicians. Even better, some music is licensed to help you use it for other projects. Go to the free music archive

5.Google Play Music Unlimited:

Google Alternative for Apple Music, Google Play Music Unlimited offers 2-month free streaming music from the big Google Play catalog before you start paying. With Apple Music only, if you forget to cancel (or want to subscribe), you will be charged $ 9.99 / month. Sign up for Google Play Music


 If you love to discover the next cool independent artist, Jamendo will be your next favorite website. This collection of nearly half a million songs contains exclusively indie artists looking to connect to fans for free.


Lastly, FM basically means you want to help learn how to learn music and find more. Although you prefer to check free goods only without recommendations, though, last-FM will be bound with a hundred yuan free downloads. Visit the last .fm free download page

8.Live Music Archives:

While its name is similar, live music archive is not related to free music archives. This is not the place to go for the latest Indian gems or smoke hits; This is a treasure tower for live concert recording fans. Even better, it’s just a part of the large collection of audio, including podcast, old radio shows, and more. Go to live music archive


Classic lovers and those who want to play it will enjoy Musopen. It offers not only music, music, musicians and artists, but also a large library of free recording works, but also knows how to download sheet music to learn about how to play it. See Musopen

10.Noise Trade:

Find new fans ready to help bands and

i8l3from across India and up, Noise Trade offers thousands of free EPS. Cooling things, many of them have special EP songs that you will not find anywhere. On this site, you have to do something to read during the rock book. See Noise Trade


In addition to promotional and career tools to help new artists make big names, ReverbNation offers a tremendous amount of downloads and free streaming music through this app. You’ll find almost any music style here. See ReverbNation


While voice kitty has become the destination for new movies selling important tasks, it has started as a place for free India and there is still much to offer it. If you are a musician, it’s a good option, which gives a simple place to distribute your music. See SoundCloud

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Other sources

Obviously, dozens – potentially free music online hundreds or more. Some are legal, but many musicians are offering music without compensation. If you want to use those sites and services, I can not stop you, but I will not connect to them. In addition, you want to ask yourself if you think that they get the right to pay without paying or artists who have spent their lives, making their lives from their lives.

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