Earn money from Raksha Bandhan Wishing Viral Script 2019

When is Raksha Bandhan in 2019
When is Raksha Bandhan in 2019

So Hello guys Raksha Bandhan finally comes, so if you want to earn money from Raksha Bandhan Wishing Viral Script then this article very helpful to all you guys.

So if you new here then I will tell you that how you Raksha Bandhan wishing viral script from this festival by creating a free website or by your owns website i.e. blogger or WordPress.

so you see my title that how you will Earn money from Raksha Bandhan Viral Script i.e you have also seen your Whatsapp that any relative, friends are sending you a link that will tell to insert your name and wish your relative on Raksha Bandhan and share on your relative.

so this type of link you know guys by this link it will get earning from it because of ads that running on that page.

The person who created a website for wishing Raksha Bandhan that will earn more than 300 dollars per days or more than that just by viralling that link which he shares that link to others people in any social media sites…

Eran money from Raksha Bandhan wishing the viral script

So like this, if you also want to earn like this then I will here tell you full steps to make a Raksha Bandhan wishing viral script.

So here I will tell you how you free create your own wishing Raksha Bandhan sites without buying any domain and Earn money

steps to create a wishing Raksha Bandhan

1.First of all download this link by Raksha Bandhan Script.

        DOWNLOAD Raksha Bandhan Script free

2.after that just visit, if you are already aware of it then also good and if you are new then just signup to BLOGGER.Com.

3. So now click on the  Create a new blog.wishing raksha bandhan

4. Now give a unique and high trending title and address name for your website name. If you keep name related to Raksha Bandhan i.e.any tile name that must contain Raksha Bandhan, so through this, you will get more earning and traffics to your website.

Raksha Bandhan Wishing Viral Script 2019

5. So, guys, as you can also see in the above image that I have to keep the title “Wishing Raksha Bandhan” and my website name i.e “”.so after that just select any theme for now and then click on the Create Blog! after that, you have a blogger website with you and now you just have to insert that downloaded coding into your blogger site. So for that just followed my steps carefully.

so, guys, there is an another to insert code in your website i.e you copy that code. For this, you just have Open that that downloaded file in Notepad++ and after that copy the whole code.

wishing raksha bandhan after copying this code, just click on the theme and then click on the Edit HTML.

Raksha Bandhan Wishing Viral Script 2019

8. And delete old wala code/scripts from your site and then paste that code inside of edit HTML that you have already copied.

Raksha Bandhan Wishing Viral Script

9.and the click on the SAVE Theme

So here your finally website ready but there are two last steps are pending now, so let’s do that also.

10.after that click on the theme and scroll down and there is an option you will see Over there i.e Revert to classic themes.

This step is very important because it will change your theme into Raksha Bandhan wishing sites, if you forgot these steps then it will won’t work, so keep in mind carefully.


Raksha Bandhan Wishing Viral Script

So, guys, you have to click on the Revert to classic themes

so this was a method I have told you in fully steps by steps but something is missing i.e I have told you that you can earn 300 dollar per day through this, so how it happens.

So here guys you just have to put your advertisements ads code in your scripts,so if you guys have already had an Adsense account then you can add your ads on your site.

else if you don’t have AdSense then you can refer these following others advertising website that provide you ads on your website and get you earning.

So this all above are same as Adsense so you take an ad from this website, just create an account over there and starts earning.

Rakha Bandhan Script Features

Yah script is fully responsive, you can use a mobile or desktop, which has been used for mobile users, but it is a mobile user who has visited the script.

Desktop View

Mobile View

I hope you guys understand very well, so for whom you waiting just go and create your websites and starts earning from it and its a temporary based blogging also called as event blogging.

so aghr apko koi bhi dought aata hai to AAP youtube pr full live video session dekh kar sakte ho. So guys for today’s that’s it and if you like this post then you must share with your friends and Advance me HAppy Raksha Bandhan to all you guys.

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