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Written by Rohit dani

Here are the Most Common Website Issues in 2019

When it comes to your business, your website is one of the most important meeting points between your clients and yourself. It works like a highly effective sales team that is capable of bringing in thousands of new customers.

A website Issues that is optimized for conversions must be regularly maintained if you want to keep that revenue stream. There are so many ways that you can do that, so many ways you can get new customers and grow your clientele base.

I’ve built hundreds of websites over the years, and over the years, you begin to find patterns of common issues that are just inherent in the web creation process.

So, below is a list of these websites Issues  problems, and what you can potentially do, to rectify them:

1. Not Taking Customer Information

While many webmasters make the mistake of placing too many ads on their sites, other webmasters may spend a considerable amount of time and money driving customers to their site, only to forget to capture their leads.
Once a customer leaves your website, it’s very unlikely that he/she will return to purchase anything, which is why it’s important that just as much effect and time is invested in winning back these customers.

So many corporations make the mistake of spending large sums of money on an advertisement without thinking about optimizing their marketing efforts.

The easiest way to fix this process is to create an opt-in offer, one that appeals to the customer, and it can be just about anything. You could offer a discount or free shipping if they sign up. There’s also contest giveaways and freebies that you can use to entice your customers.

2. Poor Quality Content

Images are very important, but if a website has poorly written content, it can let, even the most beautiful website, down. Naturally, you’ll want your content to be well written with as little mistakes in it as possible.

It’s amazing how many websites you’ll find out there that are riddled with mistakes. At best, this gives the customer the impression that you’re not the most careful individual and makes your business look less professional.

Most webmasters have a tendency to slack when it comes to investing in the best quality copywriters. Though, I wouldn’t recommend you adopt that approach, as high-quality content is more important than you may realize.

3. Website Not Updated

While our advances in technology have brought us so many new and interesting gadgets, it’s also opened up a whole host of cybersecurity issues. Which is why it’s important your plugins and themes are kept up-to-date, as it minimizes entry points into your site.

The good thing is that most content management systems like WordPress are configured to auto-update, which should ensure you’re always ahead of the crowd.

Another approach that you can take to secure your website is to install some real-time protection, such as iThemes Security or Wordfence, in addition to a CAPTCHA, to prevent automated attacks.

You should also insist that anyone that has access to your site, uses a secure password, one no one could possibly guess.

4. Poor SEO

The vast majority of companies out there know how important search engine optimization can be for their site. When it comes to generating potential customers, SEO is crucial.
If your website is not properly optimized, with the correct keyword search terms and high-quality backlinks, then you could be at a loss.

The quick and simple answer is to get someone who is experienced in this field to help you, or you could attempt to study SEO for yourself, so you can slowly incorporate its tenants into your site.

5. Security and Certification Issues

When it comes to one’s website, its security that tends to be the most overlooked aspect of it, this is of course, until a webmaster experiences a real security scare.

These cybercriminals and hackers are capable of causing even the largest companies problems, but the sad reality is that most organizations only acknowledge this reality after they’ve fallen victim to them.

One of the first things you can do is ensure all your security plugins are kept up-to-date. For example, you’ll want to ensure that your WordPress version is up-to-date (which I have already touched on).

You also may want to consider purchasing an SSL certificate. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a certificate used for encrypting data during transmission. This ensures that any data that is sent to you is encrypted, preventing hackers from stealing and reading said data.

There are also ranking benefits (though minimal) to having an SSL website, so that’s another incentive for you. If you need more information on this, I recommend you do additional research and study.

Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website.                                                           


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