5 Combat Tools that Must Be Prepared to Become a Podcaster

Become a Podcaster

Although it doesn’t have to be all, it is compulsory to be a shopping list in the future.

Combat Tools that Must Be Prepared to Become a Podcaster

After understanding well what should be prepared at the beginning of planning the making of the podcast that we discussed last week. Now, we will discuss some of the equipment that was prepared as well when it began to seriously deal with the world of broadcast podcasts.

How to start a podcast

So here are 5 Combat Tools that Must Be Prepared to Become a Podcaster are as follows:


microphone used for podcast

Yep, it’s clear. The microphone is the first mandatory weapon that you must prepare before starting a podcast. No matter what equipment you use to record, the microphone must still be present. The goal is one so that the sound that comes out of you and your colleagues is captured clearly by the recorder and in the end can be heard well by the audience.

There are tons of types, but make sure you buy a USB microphone so that the sound will automatically convert to digital form. That way, you no longer need to buy an XLR connector. For the model, you can buy for example a USB microphone from Snowball. Or if you have trouble getting it, you can buy one of these three options: Rode NT-USB, Audio Technica AT2020USB + or Blue Yeti.

Stand microphone

Stand microphone

Most microphones are specially designed for podcasts are accompanied by a stand, but the majority are small or short in size. So you can’t make height and distance adjustments as you wish. To overcome this problem, you need to buy a microphone stand that has the right size and is flexible.

Pop Filter Mikrofon

Pop Filter Mikrofon

This tool is small in size and sometimes doesn’t seem to have a benefit. But, don’t be mistaken. This small object can actually improve the quality of the sound that goes into the recorder. This pop filter works to muffle the sound produced by blowing sounds when you say some words that naturally cause gusts of wind, for example, words beginning with P, B, M and so forth.


Fourth, you also need non-physical equipment in the form of voice recording software that usually functions as a mixer. There are many choices, from cheap to millions. For beginners, the choice falls into several options including:

  • Audacity
  • Wavepad
  • IndovoiceOver
  • Ocenaudio
  • GarageBand for Mac users.

But if you have more capital, you can use Adobe Audition with a subscription fee of $ 20 per month. Or you can also buy a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) license with a range of costs in the range of $ 300 to $ 900.


how to start a podcast

Smartphones are not the ideal tool for making podcasts, but this is the most convenient choice when you need to make podcasts outdoors, for example interviewing someone at work or in another place where it is not possible to carry all the equipment.

Even in the special studio you have prepared, a smartphone can be used for support or backup.

In addition to the above equipment, you also need an additional laptop or desktop. This feels can not be removed and it should be prepared.

So, guys, I hope you might now clear your doubt on how to start a podcast or Become a Podcaster, so this all equipment you should have before you start your podcaster in Online I hope you might get more help from my post so please comment below for more related tricks and must share to your friends.stay in touch and Keep supporting.

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