3 Must-Have Android Apps For Pest Control Professionals

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Pest control professionals can have a lot of customers looking for the service they provide, however, to manage such a number of the customer is highly impossible without a software management system

Starting a pest control business is made easy as there are now plenty of tools available which companies can utilize to optimize and organize their pest control business with ease.

Inspection is the mandatory step for any type of pest control service. The global pest market was $18,214 Million in 2017 and is estimated to reach $27,609 Million by 2025.

 Android Apps For Pest Control Professionals

         Android Apps For Pest Control Professionals

In this case, android applications made especially for a pest control professional comes to rescue. We’re going to discuss in detail about the 3 best apps for pest control professionals.

Now, let’s go deep into those 3 applications which pest control professionals must-have.

#1 – PCTMagazine

This is a must-have application for all the pest control professional. This application is specially designed to provide you with the latest news and all the market-analysis in a very easy to read and entertaining package.

The Pest Control Technology Magazine has the award-winning editorial content and is complemented by the wide series of digital enhancements such as video, slideshows, touchpoints, website links, and even audio podcasts. This magazine not only helps pest control professionals with just reading but they make it experience the pest management industry.

Technology can always push you ahead of the game if you use it wisely. But at the same time, it can distract you from your actual day to day business, your goal should be to focus on stuff that moves the needle!  Says Owais Shah Founder of Town Hustle

Android Apps For Pest Control Professionals

PCTMagazine application is freely available on the Playstore. You can download it right away. You can also visit their official site called PCTonline for more information. 

PCT Magazine also offers a subscription to their magazine. You can simply put in your Email address to sign up for their subscription which you will receive the headlines from them right on your Email as well.

They are the pest control management’s leading trading publication and therefore their magazine application is the best choice for pest control professionals.

#2 – Bayer Portal

This is the application for android developed by the pest control product German company called “Bayer AG”. It helps the pest control professionals by providing them with a lot of benefits like key insights and research for the pest management industry.

Apart from this, they provide access to information to chemical solutions, their ingredients and the preventive tips on combating with the toughest pests which help you deliver the best results to your customers.

The android application can be downloaded for free from the play store.

Here are some of the key features of this application:

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Calculation Rates:

It helps you in calculating the amount of pesticide required to treat a particular area. This comes very handily for pest control professionals.

Browse Product Resources:

The product guides and safety precaution along with labels are available to browse. It is important to know what the product contains and how it is supposed to be used. 

See Weather Info Based On Location:

Another handy tool, which helps pest control professional with the weather so that they can plan accordingly if a particular treatment can be done especially outdoor treatments.

Find Products:

The additional tool helps you in finding the right product within the application. It is best when it comes to making a decision of a product to be used as per the intensity of the infestation. It helps in finding you the effective product for any type of infestation which is a good thing for pest control professionals.

Afterall having a lot of features, this application is location-based and is restricted to be used only in the United States. If you’re not living in the United States then you should give other applications a try.

#3 – ByronMobile

This application is developed by ByronWeb, a software pest control company. This android application is created for a reason. It helps the pest control professionals in many ways, they can ever think of. As I said earlier in the post that Inspection is a mandatory part for any type of pest control service likewise, this ByronMobile let you inspect and collect data in an automated form.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to own the terminals for data collection, this simple application does it for you. Most importantly, it doesn’t even need an internet connection to do that. 

Here are some key features of this application:

  • It helps you with the collection of monitoring data from customers
  • The indications with labeling products
  • A summary of services provided for pest control professionals.
  • Also allows printing on-site through Bluetooth printers.
  • The acquisition of the GPS coordinates.

Many pest control professionals struggle with the inspection parts and managing of that data they collect. This application makes it a lot easier to help all pest control professional with it.

Technology can always push you ahead of the game if you use it wisely. But at the same time, it can distract you from your actual day to day business, your goal should be to focus on stuff that moves the needle!  Says Owais Shah Founder of Town Hustle

There are our top 3 must-have android applications for the pest control professional. Hope you like the article. If you know about some of the must-have applications for pest control professionals then do comment down below. 

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