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as long as people are eager to build a blog, they are finally making this BLOGGING platform more popular in the market. By extension, they do not just want to be busy writing all the time but are also willing to earn more money from their blog through Google Adsense, and I think that’s the most important reason they’ve created a blog and they’re here too.

Read AdSense Terms and Conditions. It is the basic but fundamental terminology that all bloggers and editors must know. 

Google AdSense for Publishers / Bloggers Policies –

Do AdSense publishers use AdSense account requirements? How do I get quick approval from AdSense? How can I tell if my website is eligible for AdSense? Google Adsense Policy for India? Google Adsense rules on Google, Google Adsense terms and conditions, YouTube Adsense terms and conditions, updates to Google Adsense rules or YouTube monetization terms, etc.

You’re on the right page to see the AdSense Terms of Service that all bloggers/video bloggers should know and follow the important terms of Google AdSense terms that will help you avoid common mistakes that violate Google Adsense TOS.

There are many ways online to monetize your website/blog that, in addition to affiliate marketing, on the one hand, but in the case of contextual advertising networks there is no option for Adsense. Adsense is the best ad network in the cost-per-click (CPC), etc., and most preferred, bloggers for some time to some of the largest publishers on the web.

AdWords advertisers are used to paying Google every time content receives clicks on their ads from free visits to web visits. Google then pays a percentage of the estimated earnings for all publishers through AdSense.

I think here, you should be familiar with these basic terms and definitions before you go deeper. Learn more about the AdSense terms and definitions you should know when making money with Google Adsense.

Factors that affect your Adsense earnings.

Every new blogger wants to earn money online from Google Advertising. Although, Adsense pays the highest amount of earnings per click compared to other pay-per-click (PPC) sites; its policies and conditions are very strict.

There are many factors that affect your Adsense profit which mainly include;

  • Clickthrough rate (CTR)
  • CPC
  • Your eCPM
  • RPM page
  • the main words
  • SEO
  • Ad Type
  • Design
  • Positioning and positioning of ads.
  • Page range
  • Website traffic on the Internet

This factor also applies to Google Adsense alternatives you use to monetize your content.

5 Google Adsense Terms and Conditions and Policies

1. What is your clickthrough rate (CTR)?

It’s a percentage of clicks. Of total views/printing. It’s one of the key factors that describe your success in posting ads to your ad campaign on your site. Recently, the new subtopic appears in the image: CTR for mobile ads.

For mobile advertising, the average mobile ad clickthrough rate (CTR) for mobile ads measures the percentage that mobile device owners click on on-screen ads and advertisers and mobile publishers frequently meet.

Formula to Calculate CTR = [clicks ÷ impressions]

A mobile advertising campaign that includes e-mail clickthrough rate (CTR) that is calculated by impressions generated by email messages being opened by mobile device owners.

Also, if you’re running and running an AdWords campaign, you should also know that good AdWords CTR is ranked as the most effective clickthrough rate on ads and impressions in your AdWords campaigns.

2. What is cost-per-click (CPC)?

This is the number you won when a visitor clicks on any of the ads on your site. Other Adsense competitors treat this phrase as PPC – pay per click. This opens the door to PPC management tools and requires more guidance, including PPC accounts.

The formula to Calculate CPR = [estimated earnings ÷ total clicks]

From the flexibility of Adsense and the various ad types, advertisers are willing to offer a high CPC to AdSense publishers. This is why Adsense occupies the top list of the best PPC ad networks compared to PPC advertising and marketing companies.

3. What is eCPM (actual cost per mile)?

Estimated earnings share per 1000 ad impressions. The eCPM formula gives you an idea of how much revenue your AdSense ads generate when you get 1,000 impressions on your site.

Formula to Calculate eCPM = [estimated earnings ÷ 1000]

In Latin, mean 1000 Mille. What is the difference between CPM and eCPM? CPM is associated with a specific ad campaign, and eCPM is shown in an image when all of these ad campaigns have “effective” performance and are called eCPM.

4. What is the RPM (Revenue Per Mile) page?

In simple language, it shows how much revenue you’ll get from your earnings of up to 1000 ad impressions. Higher RPM makes you expect higher earnings.

Formula to Calculate RPM = [(estimated earning ÷ total impressions) x 1000]

Also called page earnings per thousand impressions. If your Adsense account displays $ 10.2 RPM, you can calculate the amount you’ll receive 5000 impressions for $ 5×10.2 = $ 51.

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5. What is banner blindness?

Is the term in the ad network where visitors tend to ignore ads placed on the page knowingly or unknowingly. Low repetition leads to banner blindness. Thus, this term is still in the image for publishers to improve and incorporate common techniques to overcome or reduce banner blindness and improve advertising revenue.


We all know that Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers to earn money online, but these are the most important factors you can not ignore to become a successful AdSense publisher.

If you have any other questions related to AdSense, let us know in the comments, and we’ll try to resolve them as soon as possible.
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