16 Different Link Building Strategies

Written by Rohit dani

different link building strategies

The search engine point’s website varies greatly with the number of links that come from the external website, with the significant alternative value. Link building is an “off-page” strategy and refers to the number of links pointing to your site. These links help your site capture page rank and perform better in search engine results.

Many strategies can be considered when linking to your site, including sites that are ready to post your link for free.

There are 16 ways in your link building strategy:


  1. Scoop (breaking big news)
  2. How To Post (Tutorial)
  3. A piece of opinion (dispute)
  4. Group Projects
  5. Humor post
  6. Recipe consonant
  7. Block directories
  8. RSS Directories
  9. Writing articles
  10. Skudoo and Hubpages
  11. Link Exchange with Related Sites
  12. Memories and Awards
  13. Blog Carnival
  14. Comment on DoFollow Blogs
  15. Write a review of your website on forums
  16. Being a guest author on a page with more page rank than your site

Link Building Tips 1- Keep in mind that the amount and quality of your backlinks can make and break your site.

Link Building Tip 2 – Most incoming links are helpful.

Link Building Tip 3 – Links to Related Sites Better Than Exotic Links

Link Building Tip 4 – Better Than Links to High Authority Sites

Link Building Tip 5 – Older Links Are Better Than New Things

Link Building Tip 6 – One-Link Link Links

Link Building Tip 7 – Directories are the easiest and fastest way to pay attention to your site because they are listed before you test the site and according to “how many quality directories” do I think Should?

Link Building Tip 8 – RSS and Press Releases You can get immediate shocks in search engines.

Link Building Tip 9 – Writing quality can be backlinks and your reputation may be established.

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